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Whats New:

SSWBL 2018

May 24,  2018

Play ball - League starts this weekend

Current News:

SSWBL to Start 2018 Season

 May 25,  2018

The SSWBL is ready to go!

Recent Events:

SSWBL Planning for 2018

May 1,  2018

The SSWBL is gearing up for the 2018 Season

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I Register a Team?
  2. Where can I find information on joining a team as a player?
  3. When does the season start?
  4. What is the age group?
  5. What is the fee?
  6. What kind of Bats can be used?

How do I Register a Team?

  • Contact the SSWBL by emailing us or visit our 'Contact' page
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Where can I find Information on Joining a Team?

  • You can contact teams directly through the SSWBL by visiting our 'Teams' page. You can also email the SSWBL directly.
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When does the season start ... ?

  • The season always starts the last weekend of the month of April.
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What is the age group?

  • The SSWBL is an 17 and older unlimited age Amateur League. Currently the SSWBL has all age groups and player types - from High School, College, Former High School/College and ex-professionals.
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What is the fee?

  • The fee for registering a team varies year to year based on how many teams there are. The SSWBL is a Not-for-profit Organization - Section 501(c)(4) (IRS Tax Code) With all fees being applied to the various needs of the League such as fields, umpires, insurance, and affiliations to name a few. For a detailed cost sheet contact the League.
  • For player costs - most teams determine their costs per player individualy and based off the SSWBL League Fees. The League sets a fee and teams determine their own costs, which may incur other items besides what the league fees includes. Ex- baseball, equipment, and uniforms.  
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What kind of bats can be used ?

  • The SSWBL will use only regulation (-3 Drop Weight) wooden bats, with the exception of composites.  A bat shall not be made of alternative substances or materials.

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